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Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush

19" x 25"
Limited Edition Giclee Canvas: 325

Love and parting, heavenly corner and dangerous journeys are the eternal symbols existing in close connection. Love and parting are eternal friends, a fine Russian poet said. It is a timeless theme of artists and poets all over the world. This painting could be interpreted in various ways. For example, we could fill it with the events of the Greek myth about wanderings of Odysseus. The hero landed on the island of Ogygia home to the nymph Calypso, located far away in the Western Ocean. He spent seven years living with the nymph among the nature of paradise. The Sorceress promised immortality to him, but Odysseus preferred to continue the way of knowledge and exploits. He set sail leaving Ogygia and his two sons. But the hero saw, for a long time, an airy image of Calypso, retained by the outline of coastal cliffs.

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