JACOB GALLERY - Contemporary Art Gallery

Vladimir Kush

31" x 39"
Limited Edition Giclee Canvas: 325

The needle is forever associated with the thread. With this said, the thread is a symbol of human destiny. Ancient Greeks believed that moiras weave the threads of life. People felt the magical power of destiny, the authority of which extends beyond that of the gods. The gods cannot change or avert that which the moiras have decided upon. Moiras cut the thread of life and continued to weave it depending on what color ball - black or white - another of the moiras would pick out of an urn. In the painting the thread of destiny is represented in two images: the golden “thread” of a caravan and the blue “thread” of the River of Life. The “thread” of a caravan as a symbol of wealth, leads us like the Ariadne’s clue to the central image of the painting – that of a camel going through the needle’s eye. A striking, paradoxical image used by Jesus to condemn riches and wealth… But we couldn’t help noting a certain humor the painter introduces here. Look, in spite of all the efforts of the cameleer a camel at the head of the caravan balks as if saying: ”I don’t want to go through a real eye of a needle!”

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