JACOB GALLERY - Contemporary Art Gallery

Vladimir Kush

19" x 37"
Limited Edition Giclee Canvas: 15

Eyes of the departed woman reflect in lenses of forgotten sunglasses. The woman left, but his glimpse remained intact. Many of us, perhaps, have read "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll and remember the grin of the Cheshire Cat that lived its own life. But eyes, as the phrase goes, are the windows of the soul. According to European and Oriental myths, reflection of a person carries part of his/her vital energy, or "soul-twin" The meaning of this image is clear: if man is able to lose touch with immediate reality and pass to the unreal world, this "transition" can only be made "mentally", "spiritually". Once in Chins, in the 8th century, a certain artist was summoned to the Emperor, and the latter demanded that the artist depicted a dragon. Well, the dragon turned out to be excellent. But it was without eyes. "You forgot to paint eyes", the emperor said. "If I paint them, the dragon will fly away". But the Emperor insisted on his own way. And, indeed, as soon as the artist painted the eyes, the dragon flew away. (Bernard Werber, The Encyclopaedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge)

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