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Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush

14" x 16"
31" x 35"
Limited Edition Giclee Canvas: 2000

God: perfect being. He is eternity, and He is always creating. In the words of Bernard Shaw, “God is in the making.” In Herbert Wells’ Eternal Fire, God works in a laboratory that is poorly equipped. He complains that He has to struggle with unyielding material. This material is evil itself, which needs to be reduced. If we are intelligent and talented, we help God to create. In this case, we feel that est deus in nobis —there is God in ourselves”). In an artist’s imagination, God is not unwilling to do ordinary jobs. In the artist’s depiction, God, climbing a ladder and dressed in a work robe, oils the gears to enable the advance of time on the world’s clock. According to the Bible, “What is a second to God is a millennium to Man.” The unstoppable motion of time and the cyclic nature of birth and death are associated with the sprouting of the new from the ruins of the old. The beating of the human heart is forever connected To the ticking of the celestial clock, First wound by the master of the universe To maintain harmony and perfection in all He created. In the simple robe of a watchmaker, He moved the hands of the clock To start the new-born millennium. All the Creator’s children look joyfully To the beginning of each epoch When the rays of the sun shine like a golden pendulum Through the haze of time, beyond To the blue firmament of the future.


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