JACOB GALLERY - Contemporary Art Gallery

Vladimir Kush

15" x 19"
Limited Edition Giclee Canvas: 325

The pale sparkle of a pearl is associated with a full moon, while its marine roots are associated with fruitfulness. The development inside the clamshell, which is obscured from our eyes, is associated with the miracle of birth. According to ancient mythology, the goddess of love, Aphrodite (Venus, in Roman mythology), born of sea foam, wore a pearl. According to legend, Cleopatra dissolved a pearl from one of her earrings in wine and drank it in front of Mark Anthony as a display of her wealth and love for him. A partially opened clamshell is a symbol of female sexuality, the source of life. Away from human eyes and under the depth of the sea The secret fruit is preserved, beautiful and divine It grows at nights, when everything is sleeping And only the moonlight, lying on the ocean in a path, Penetrates the lip of the shell like silver rain. Human thought languishes in the darkness Speechless and powerless, contained in the folds of a clam. When a clear voice is heard from the heavens The fetters will suddenly fall and the dungeon will open Releasing the light of truth to reign over the world.


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