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Vladimir Kush

15" x 17"
Limited Edition Giclee Canvas: 325

In ancient myths, star constellations were associated with animals and often with hunting. The sky, according to the beliefs of northern tribes, was a taiga of the heavens where the cosmic moose resides. The four main stars of the Big Dipper were the tracks left by the cosmic moose as it ran. The Milky Way represented tracks left behind by a hunter in pursuit of cosmic animals. In this lies the poetry of myth! Gazing at the night sky, an artist knows today that the Milky Way is a myriad of suns, similar to our own. The majority of the light emitted by these suns is too weak to be perceived by the unaided eye. The weapon of the modern star tracker is a large telescope that can capture the light of distant stars. New cosmic animals are discovered — binary star systems and pulsars. These are tens and hundreds of light years away from our solar system! “Chasing” a new star could be as exciting as hunting a rare wild animal! The dynamic figure of the star tracker, with the bright streaks of red and blue, emphasize the erratic and romantic spirit of hunting. Nature provides the hunter’s instinct So pursuit of the celestial moose renews our blood, But still more captivating is hunting for the animal that hides in the constellation of the hunting dogs


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