JACOB GALLERY - Contemporary Art Gallery

Vladimir Kush

21" x 35.5"
Limited Edition Giclee Canvas -100


The owl can appear as an attribute of the allegorical figures of Night and Dream. Being nocturnal bird, the owl became symbolic of the time when we are surrounded with the silence and can concentrate ourselves, digest our thoughts and compose them. The owl surrounded by the pattern of paving-stones of the city square and its houses is a symbol of the protectress of the city, a symbol of its peace and wisdom. The owl suggests to us that Night is the best adviser, it is a symbol of mature consideration, it reminds us of the need for thinking these things over at night, on our pillow, before bringing our labors in the brilliant sunshine. Noiseless nocturnal flight, gleaming eyes, and hooting sounds of the owl became associated in the mind of man with the occult. The gift of presaging events was ascribed to the owl, perhaps, because of its ability to see in the dark. As for associations of the owl with wisdom, they originate in ancient Athens where the owl was believed to be a companion and the attribute of Athena Pronoia (“Prophetess”). This is just in this capacity that the image of this bird often appears on Greek coins, with the head of Athena on the obverse and her attribute the owl on the reverse.


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