Robert Bateman

Artist Robert Bateman - New 2016 pieces


24” x 32”

Limited Edition Giclee Canvas
Edition of: 99 S/N & 19 A/P

“Although most of my paintings are based on a number of photographs often taken during different experiences in nature, once in a while I see a subject that is a “no-brainer” for a painting. This Heron was in the Galapagos where the wildlife is famously tame. It came striding right past us on a beach and I took about 10 shots. The simplicity of the scene reminded me of the cave paintings at Lasceaux. Background would be a distraction. The positive and negative shapes were strong and I was able to play light against dark and vice versa for emphasis.”




16” x 12”

Limited Editon Giclee on Canvas Edition of 99 S/N & 19 A/P

“Growing up in Ontario, the flicker was one of the common birds in the ravine behind our house.  It was bigger than the downy and hairy woodpeckers but I more or less took it for granted, which was my attitude toward robins.  The flicker, however, is special among woodpeckers in that it was often on the ground.  There, the main activity is feeding on ants.  The stomach of one flicker yielded some 5,000 ants.

My Ontario flickers are the “yellow-shafted” variety.  The bird has yellow shafts to its wing and tail feathers and yellow wing linings.  The males have black moustaches.  The bird in the painting is our western variety which has been “lumped” by the experts as the same species (Colaptes aurates, now northern flicker).  The quills on the shafts and wing linings of the “western” variety are vermillion as is the moustache.  The white rump, which is a field mark when it flies, cannot be seen in the painting because of the folded wings.”

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