• Michael Flohr - Cappuccino With Friends

Artist: Michael Flohr
Title: Cappuccino With Friends
Hand Embellished Limited Edition
Size: 19" x 26"
Edition of: 195
Status: SOLD OUT AT PUBLISHER - Contact for Price and availability.

Michael Flohr’s “Cappuccino with Friends” was inspired from a sidewalk cafe along the canals of Venice - the home of Italian romance, history, gondolas (and cappuccino)! Previously rendered as a unique charcoal study, the image was so amazing Flohr was compelled to translate his vision in oil color on canvas. From a scientific standpoint, color is but a visual sensation of the reflection or absorption of light from a given surface.

Color from an artistic standpoint, however, can create meaning, stir emotions, convey intention or elicit a reaction. Now exploding with Flohr’s signature palette of virtually every color imaginable, “Cappucino with Friends” is transformed into an evening at a romantic Venice cafe at sundown with a cool, summer breeze blowing off the Venetian canal. Vibrant hues of amethyst, crimson, azure and gold converge to define the Italian architecture that surrounds the cafe.

Adding depth by contrasting light and dark, Flohr illuminates the splendor of the cafe with brilliant whites and yellows amidst shadows of lavender and green. Michael Flohr’s masterful manipulation of color is apparent in all of his work. From his unique translation of hues to the skillful placement of each stroke, Flohr’s paintings possess an unrivaled, visual intensity and explosive power that cannot be denied.

Michael Flohr - Cappuccino With Friends

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