• Michael Flohr - Fontaines

Artist: Michael Flohr
Title: Fontaines
Hand Embellished Limited Edition
Size: 36" x 18"
Edition of: 195
Status: Avaialble.

Enamored by the charm of Southern hospitality, contemporary artist Michael Flohr celebrates an Atlanta hot spot, Fontaine’s. Michael Flohr and his wife Mel stumbled upon the casual hangout while walking in the Atlanta neighborhood known as the Virginia Highlands. Discovering the unexpected and placing it upon the canvas is a favorite pastime and the motivating force behind the creative inspiration of Michael Flohr’s art. He describes Fontaine’s as a pearl just waiting to be captured. A popular local haunt, Fontaine’s Oyster Bar is a great place for a cold beer, fresh shucked oysters and their house favorite, “Steam House Lobster Bisque”.

Flohr, in keeping with what he refers to as a “research,” ordered a cold one and another great masterpiece was conceived. Capturing what Flohr describes as a welcoming beacon he uses color and light to play upon the glowing neon sign. By skillfully managing the complex interchange between artistic strategy and compositional arrangement, Flohr in his creative genius finds the middle ground between abstraction and representation. As a master of illumination, he uses pattern and color to suggest another wonderful evening out by the gesture of the social interaction between the couple walking in the distance. Next time you’re in Atlanta stop in for a visit to Fontaine’s, order a cold one and perhaps have an oyster or two and remember the pearls in life are often just stumbled upon.

Michael Flohr - Fontaines

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