• Michael Flohr - London Rain

Artist: Michael Flohr
Title: London Rain
Hand Embellished Limited Edition
Size: 36" x 48"
Edition of: 195
Status: Avaialble.

Travel and adventure are the spice of life and a source of great artistic inspiration for contemporary painter Michael Flohr. His quest for subject matter does not originate from seeking new landscapes, but from seeing landscapes with new eyes. Some may surmise that Michael Flohr paints moments, not places. He is an artist that sees the beauty of the physical world, but ultimately yearns to paint the experience of being in a special place, at a special time.

London Rain takes place in England’s renowned Regent Street, London’s West End, known today for its bustling shopping district and uniquely curving urban layout. Regent Street was built in 1825 as one of the first planned developments in London by architect John Nash, and rebuilt under the Beaux-Arts architectural design to create an overall impression of uniformity and fluidity that extends along the winding and bustling thoroughfare. Its famous Café Royal, built in 1865, was known to host the presence of noteworthy figures such as TS Eliot, Oscar Wilde, and JM Whistler and placed Regent Street on the map of London’s social scene. With its residents ranging from the illustrious Liberty department store, known for its involvement in the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts Movements, to the first Apple retail store in Europe, this street is home to some of the most innovative and influential urban locations in the world.

Flohr’s expressionist style perfectly emulates the emotion he observes upon walking along Regent Street, gazing through entrancing window panes, getting lost in the famous London fog. Bright lights of the red double-decker buses reflect off of a delicate drizzle that collects in luminescent puddles, brought forth in Flohr’s deliberate brushstrokes of striking color. As he looks back upon London Rain, he recalls how the rain heightened the sense of romance and comfort amidst the tall curvature of the buildings.

Michael Flohr’s body of work is testament to the powerful splendor of fulfilling dreams of travel and our desire to take ourselves out of the ordinary to see the extraordinary. Time and again, his art transports us to beautiful moments in intriguing places.

Michael Flohr - London Rain

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