• Michael Flohr - Lunch With DegasP/P

Artist: Michael Flohr
Title: Lunch With DegasP/P
Hand Embellished Limited Edition
Size: 60" x 30"
Edition of: 10
Status: Avaialble.

Contemporary Impressionist painter Michael Flohr pays homage to one of the greatest masters of the Impressionist movement in his creation, Lunch with Degas. Edgar Degas was the only major French painter of the great Impressionists to spend time in the United States and paint his inspirations while on U.S. soil. Degas liked to call himself a “fils de Louisiane”. The American journey was a part of his rich ancestry as his mother, Celestine Musson Degas, had been born in the eclectic New Orleans.

Michael Flohr has been inspired to capture the rich history of New Orleans in past works as it brings back fond memories of his honeymoon. Flohr and his muse, wife Melissa, have found the old city to be a great source of inspiration as its artistic heritage has remained intact throughout its many trials and tribulations.

Lunch with Degas celebrates the creative artistry found amongst friends, the kind of friendships that the great Impressionists Degas, Monet, Seurat, Renoir, and others like them shared. An ordinary afternoon with good friends becomes an extraordinary day filled with culture, cuisine, and stimulating conversation. Reflections of light from floor to ceiling are masterfully recreated through Flohr’s own Impressionistic precision. He captures a superior sense of color, depth, reflection, and luminosity as hues of rich color dance across the starched white linen tablecloths. With napkins neatly folded, this French Quarter café’s protocol is one of elegance and etiquette. A great masterpiece hangs high above the commotion of fine crystal and amusing dialogue. As a picture speaks a thousand words, it is as if the great master Degas has joined the conversation.

For Michael Flohr, Lunch with Degas is a tribute to the masterful contributions that great Impressionists like Degas have made. The rich history of artistic excellence has passed the baton from one great master to another, resulting in yet another great masterpiece.

Michael Flohr - Lunch With DegasP/P

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