• Michael Flohr - Staccato Rain

Artist: Michael Flohr
Title: Staccato Rain
Hand Embellished Limited Edition
Size: 36" x 48"
Edition of: 195
Status: SOLD OUT AT PUBLISHER - Contact for Price and availability.

Like a master composer playing staccato rhythms by plucking on the piano, Michael Flohr’s furious paint application hits the canvas in detached bursts of color that set the rhythmic arrangement for his newest image titled, “Staccato Rain”. As if playing the sights and sounds of the city, Flohr uses pulsating patterns and crescendos of color to create his visual symphony. The artist’s inimitable integration of classical impressionism and his accomplished abstract, expressionistic style perform with an excitement unique to his work.

Using rain as a metaphor for cleansing, the sparkling lights of the city glow with a renewed effervescence. The figures, protected by their colorful umbrella shields, march undeterred to the beat of the falling rain. Reflections of light illuminate the figures calling specific attention to the figure holding a vibrant, red umbrella. Symbolic of the artist himself, this visual innuendo speaks of bold individuality and undaunted perseverance. The language of art is a wordless one. It is a language of felt experience. Not unlike that of a musician who uses sound to convey emotion and intrigue, the painter must conform to the logic of color, image and symbol. The celebrated style of painter Michael Flohr is just such a language.

Michael Flohr - Staccato Rain

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