• Michael Flohr - Stock Talk

Artist: Michael Flohr
Title: Stock Talk
Hand Embellished Limited Edition
Size: 40" x 40"
Edition of: 195
Status: SOLD OUT AT PUBLISHER - Contact for Price and availability.

What is an artist doing in the financial district of New York City? Looking for inspiration and finding a story to tell. In Michael Flohr’s latest image “Stock Talk”, the artist does just that. Dynamic placement of high-powered color captures a scene at the famous “Bulls and Bears” bar in the heart of the financial district in New York City. A somber yet spectacular mosaic of color creates the backdrop as the men on the front line of high finance reflect on the action of the day and become the artist’s muse.

A serious, melancholy aura pervades his canvas as Flohr observes the scene like a fly on the wall: the suits, the power ties, the scotch swilling in the glass, the low voices and serious demeanor. Like the action on the floor itself, Flohr seems to paint to the cadence of the ticker tape.

Using contrasting color of light and dark and frantic paint strokes, the artist’s flamboyant style creates a visual tension - as if metaphorically alluding to the fluctuations of bullish and bearish activity of the stock market itself. Join Michael Flohr in a moment of respite from a hard day’s work. Invest in your passion. And remember... buy low, sell high.

Michael Flohr - Stock Talk

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