Artist: Michael Flohr
Title: The Serendipity Suite Good Medicine & Lady Luck (2pcs)
Hand Embellished Limited Edition
Size: 14" x 11" each
Edition of: 195
Status: SOLD OUT AT PUBLISHER - Contact for Price and availability.

How often does one find him or herself on a date with Destiny? When an unsuspecting moment turns into a wonderful, life-altering event. These are the moments that create life’s ultimate purpose. And these are the moments that compel an artist to create.

Contemporary painter Michael Flohr has produced a suite of two paintings depicting two seemingly separate people, situations, circumstances, and spaces in time (although happening in the same place). Intriguing in their own right, together these images merge to tell a story about the beauty of the unexpected and the magic of serendipity. “Good Medicine” and “Lady Luck” comprise Flohr’s “Serendipity Suite”.

A guys’ night out is “Good Medicine”. No strangers to their favorite watering hole, a man sits quietly consoling his friend at the bar. Perhaps another broken heart? Love gone wrong or love not found? In times like these it helps to have a friend. “Lady Luck” in its midst, a woman stands alone at the bar. Perhaps, too, looking for some consolation and some of her own good medicine. They’ve all been there before, even at the same time. But today will be different. Today is a date with Destiny. They quietly await a fortunate discovery. Something they didn’t think they were looking for at the time... each other.

Today, two lives will come together and be forever changed. Call it fate, coincidence, good timing or destiny. Just as a beautiful painting is the product of happy accidents and perhaps a little divine intervention, so, too is the artist’s message in Michael Flohr’s “Serendipity Suite”.

Michael Flohr - The Serendipity Suite Good Medicine and Lady Luck (2pcs)

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