• Michael Flohr - Uncorked

Artist: Michael Flohr
Title: Uncorked
Hand Embellished Limited Edition
Size: 16" x 50"
Edition of: 195
Status: SOLD OUT AT PUBLISHER - Contact for Price and availability.

Rich in color, clarity and complexity the impressionist paintings of artist Michael Flohr never cease to quench our thirst for the finest in contemporary art. And like the finer things in life, they are best enjoyed in the moment - any ordinary moment according to this artist. Flohr’s latest image aptly titled, “Uncorked” is a beautifully understated portrayal of the quiet art of opening a bottle of fine wine. The ritual and celebration associated with this distinguished elixir has inspired poets, historians and artists alike for centuries. And this work is no exception.

Painting, like the art of making wine requires an appreciation for the process tantamount to the final result. The raw materials and tools for any artistic recipe may remain the same. But there is a fine balance of tradition and innovation that makes the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary outcome. And this balance lies in the personal style and expertise of the individual craftsman.

Break free to enjoy all that life has to offer without reserve. Whether celebrating a special occasion or just another ordinary day, Michael Flohr invites you to be the connoisseur of your own life, of your own passions, of your own fine moments and of course your favorite bottle of wine

Michael Flohr - Uncorked

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