• Robert Bissell - THE DREAM

Artist: Robert Bissell
Limited Edition Print Canvas
Size: 18" x 36"
Edition of: 75

Recently,  I have embarked on a series of paintings that explore the idea of scale and gigantism. I find the questions that arise in creating the images to be interesting and more complex than might be imagined. Giants have shown up in mythology, folklore and modern literature as either quite bad beings or as "gentle giants". Same goes for small beings, although to a lesser extent. Pictorially I realized that when combining different sized bears I was not always sure whether I was depicting normal sized bears with dwarf sized bears or normal sized bears with giant bears. This aspect I have decided to exploit so that we, as viewers are also unsure. This painting depicts a bear apparently waking up but I leave it to the viewer to decide who is having the dream. - Robert Bissell

Robert Bissell - THE DREAM

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